Travel Tin


*Travel Tin only. Does not include shampoo bar. 

This one-of-a-kind tin has been designed to fit our Shampoo & Conditioner Bars. One tin fits one full size shampoo or conditioner bar. Perfect for traveling.

Each tin comes with a soap lift at the bottom, making it easy to take the bar out for use. Plus, it won't get smushed at the bottom of the tin!

Each metal tin and soap lift are meant to last for years if cared for properly. Do not keep them stored in standing water or in the shower for long periods of time. The tin can rust.

The soap lift is made from a corn-based plastic and can be used for 10+ years with proper care. 

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

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Would love to recommend but I can’t

I really want to love the design of these because I love the inclusion of the soap lift and how generously sized they are to hold the shampoo and conditioner bars without them getting stuck inside. But mine have rusted to the point where I find it really gross to put shampoo and conditioner bars in, I bought one and it rusted so I got two more and tried to be really careful with them, I didn’t keep them in the shower and I made sure to air them out but they still rusted and the rust gets all over the shampoo and conditioner bars. I have some tins from lush that I have kept in the shower and they have never rusted, so it’s disappointing that these have despite all my efforts.

Jen P
Must have!

If you use a shampoo bar (conditioner bar too) you need a couple of these. I use them on my bathroom shelf. I’m ordering more for myself & my mom, since I got her using shampoo bars too.


I shower at the pool more often than at home, so I was looking for some way to easily bring my shampoo and conditioner bars with me. These little tins are the perfect solution, props the bars up just enough that they don't melt in standing water. Very portable, don't leak and get water or soap all over my bag. My biggest complaint is that I go to work straight from working out at the pool half the time, so if I am unable to open these up to let them dry out or forget to, I am getting areas of rusting on the tins.
Now I just need a container to fit my body soap that isn't plastic..

5 stars

i LOVE this travel tin its the perfect size and the soap lift is so helpful

Kristy Wolfe
Perfect for travel!

Perfect for traveling! Love these. I don’t need to worry about buying little throw away shampoo bottles anymore.