Soap Saver Bag


Extend the life of your soap bars with our exfoliating soap bag! Made from natural agave fiber, this bag helps you use up every last scrap of soap. It also helps produce an extra sudsy lather to exfoliate your face or body.

How to use: Use it in your shower then hang it to allow proper drainage of your soap bars. You can even bring it with you traveling as the perfect soap pouch!

As it is a natural material, the bag needs to remain dry between uses in order to have an extended life. Replace bag every 2-4 months or sanitize by washing in the washing machine or soaking in vinegar.

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

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You need this

This just seems like such a practical product I don’t understand how I’ve waited this long to buy one. It’s infinitely reusable and keeps me from dropping, slipping on, and losing those tiny bits of soap bars down the drain. I also just like to use it with a full bar as an exfoliator while washing. Everyone needs one of these.

Sorangel Munoz
Last longer

Best way to keep the bars and extend their life. Great as exfoliator. Multiple uses.

Giving My Bar Soaps More Life!

If you are looking for a great exfoliator and want to extend the life of your bar soap, this is the product for you! I love that I can put any broken bits of my bars in here to extend the life of those products.

Melissa S.
Multifunctional & sustainable 💗

I use these agave bags not only as a soap saver/body scrubber, but also as a facial exfoliating bag. I use one specifically designated just for my face, and I put charcoal soap in the bag. 2x a week I gently scrub and afterwords my face is so so soft.

Kasey Rocazella

It will make me sound old, but I love bar soap. What I don't love is how hard it is to get it sudsy. I'm obsessed with these bags because they make the soap last longer, and it helps to create a surface for the surfactant to suds up. This is my third time buying them, haha. HIGHLY recommend.