Loofah Scrubber


The perfect alternative to plastic dish sponges and plastic bath loofahs. Perfect to wash dishes, naturally exfoliate your skin, clean sinks, tubs, and so much more! Each loofah will expand when wet. Made from 100% plant fiber, they will completely compost within 30 days.

Loofah's are soft enough where they will not scratch your pots, pans, or dishes, but have enough scrubbing power to get all the grime and grease off!

*There may be some black seeds/residue left inside of the loofah. They will fall out naturally over time

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

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Kellie Gerstner
Like them

The seeds are still in them—which isn’t a big deal but if you don’t know about loofahs could be a scary surprise. I really like these. Thinking about cutting them up and adding them to my soap molds.

Nadia Morales

The loofah does a well job on exfoliating my skin while also being soft on my skin!


Scratch at first but soften up quickly! Works great!


Great loofah! Have one for every member of that family. I feel much better using these zero waste loofahs instead of plastic.

sadie supinger
Too rough

It may soften over time, and I tried to make it work, but it felt like I was using a kitchen scratcher on my skin. Any tricks to make it work? I will probably make use of them to clean my house instead.

Hi Sadie, we are sorry to hear you're having this experience with the Loofah. Warmer water will cause the loofah to get softer more quickly, then add a small amount of soap directly onto the sponge. You want to gently but firmly rub the loofah against your skin in circular motions! If you are still having issues please reach out to our team at info@zerowastestore.com