Loofah Scrubber


The perfect alternative to plastic dish sponges and plastic bath loofahs. Perfect to wash dishes, naturally exfoliate your skin, clean sinks, tubs, and so much more! Each loofah will expand when wet. Made from 100% plant fiber, they will completely compost within 30 days.

Loofah's are soft enough where they will not scratch your pots, pans, or dishes, but have enough scrubbing power to get all the grime and grease off!

*There may be some black seeds/residue left inside of the loofah. They will fall out naturally over time

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Amaya Escorcia

Great product and a even better exfoliater

Britt Johnson
Great Sponge

Love this sponge. It softens quickly and does a nice scrub. Highly recommend this product. I will never go back to the plastic fake ones.

Eileen Schlesier
Flat Stanley loofah

I almost didn’t believe my loofah had arrived because the packaging was so small and flat! The loofah puffs up immediately when brought to water and it is a great body exfoliate. Probably too harsh for face, but can be used everywhere else!

Jessica Olof
A new staple

Gentle and effective on any grime, this will replace all my sponges.

Hellen T.
Love it!

I bought this a week ago and I couldn't be happier with it! Definitely never buying another plastic loofa again. It gets soft after running under water and helps the suds gets even more bubblier when I use bar soap. My favorite aspect is that it is completely sustainable and compostable at the end of its life. Going to purchase more for my dishes as well!