Organic Shaving Soap Bar


Specifically designed to shave faces, legs, and underarms, bentonite clay ensures a sudsy lather, and a close shave for soft, razor bump-free skin

Size: 4.5oz. Each bar will last 6-12 months if kept dry.

Packaging: Comes in a refillable rust resistant tin. 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic coconut oil, organic sunflower, organic shea butter, lanolin,  bentonite clay, essential oils of pine and cedar wood.

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Ashley Dykstra
Love it!

This is a great product! I prefer it over my old shaking cream methods!

Steven Satzger
Great shave

The zero waste shave soap was a perfect replacement for my shave soap that came in a plastic container. Works brilliantly too.

Perfect alternative to shave cream in a can!

The organic shave bar is not only zero-waste and good for the environment, it works well! The bar lathers easily. My skin feels smooth after using the bar. I was surprised that something in a bar form could perform so well. I highly recommend the Organic Shave Bar.

Soap Bar in Tin

I ordered this bar because it had the tin and refill option WITHOUT the tin. These types of shave bars are often sold in tins every single time, but that is wasteful in itself. With the shave brush it lathered up nicely with the shave brush and has a pleasant scent. I got this specifically for travel, where I might not have a shave bowl/cup to work with. It works great for that purpose, but of course would be good for at home use as well.

So smooth!

This bar lathered so easily and was very gentle on my sensitive skin! It also helped me get a super close shave!