Refillable Organic Dish Soap Bar


Highly concentrated and long lasting, this block of soap effectively cuts grease and grime and will leave your dishes sparkling. Stored in a refillable metal tin for easy use.

Size: 7.5oz bar.

How to use: Wet your desired dish sponge or brush and scrub onto block. Wash dishes as normal.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, water, lye, organic orange essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil.

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Leticia Zadrozny Zelaya

This is our second tim. Soap works so well and gentle on the hands.

Shaina Park
Love it

I bought the imperfect bar and I love it. Simple packaging (wrapped in brown packing paper), easy to use. I use it to wash my hands, dishes, and baby bottles as well! I especially love using it for baby bottles (with bare hands bc it’s not harmful to your skin) because it’s great at washing milk residues/films.

Okay dish soap

I had high hopes for this dish soap from reading previous reviews. It does suds well, but I find I have to reapply the soap often as I wash, as it goes away fast. Also it seems to leave and oily residue on my dishes that are visible once they’re dry. Not my favorite. I will continue to look for other solid dish bar options. Bummer this wasn’t as great as I hoped.

Not the Best

This is my first time trying a solid dish soap and its not too bad. I just doesn't seem like it cuts oils as easily as liquid dish soap. I would wash something that just has a small film of oil and use the soap on the same sponge on other dishes and it would still be able to feel the oil leaving me with having to wash my dishes all over again. I think it might work better with dish scrubs but it was just kind of annoying. But it was able to get my dishes clean fine if they didn't have oils on them

Jeri Rasmussen
Works so well

Super efficient and convenient. Prefer unscented but its not bad. Definitely reccommend it.