Loofah Scrubber


The perfect alternative to plastic dish sponges and plastic bath loofahs. Perfect to wash dishes, naturally exfoliate your skin, clean sinks, tubs, and so much more! Each loofah will expand when wet. Made from 100% plant fiber, they will completely compost within 30 days.

Loofah's are soft enough where they will not scratch your pots, pans, or dishes, but have enough scrubbing power to get all the grime and grease off!

*There may be some black seeds/residue left inside of the loofah. They will fall out naturally over time

Customer reviews:

Customer Reviews

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Dina Davis
Toilet brush

I love my new toilet brush/holder! It’s my first completely biodegradable one and I’ll be replacing my other plastic ones when needed with this one!! And use terracycle when it’s time to recycle the old ones.
I love everything that I purchased.

Andrea VM
Reliable and quite durable!

I use the loofah sponges all over my home; shower, dishes, cleaning. I really like them, I think the fact that they are actual loofah sponges as opposed to whatever those other ones in store are made of makes them much more durable so 1 pack has lasted me quite while now. They don't get stinky as quickly as the 'traditional' sponges. Generally, I really like them and will continue to buy them.

My husband loves these loofahs!

These loofahs are perfect for a natural alternative to the plastic loofahs. They aren't very much more as far as price goes. They exfoliate the same I'd not better than plastic loofahs but for my skin type at least are not too hard on the skin.

My Go-To Loofah

I will never buy another loofah again!! I wanted a loofah that was eco friendly, and this is just the perfect one. I love the texture of it, because I feel like it really exfoliates my skin when washing. Great product, highly recommend.

Andre Velez

Loofah Sponge - Zero Waste Loofah, Plastic Free, Compostable